Step on the court.

Bump, set, spike! Check out our volleyball action on Tuesday nights. The teams are co-ed and the matches get intense–get in on the action. Learn more.

Elevate your game.

Bring your best game to the original Assyrian Basketball League. Games are held on Monday nights. Think you can keep up? The ABL is open to men aged 16+.

Get involved.

Become a part of something incredible. Find out different ways that you can get involved with AAC. Play in the leagues, cheer on your team, volunteer, attend our events, and more.

Current Happenings

  • AVL Outdoor Tournament
    Join us on Sunday, July 27, 2014 at St. Paul Woods for our first-ever AVL Outdoor Tournament....
  • Partnerships
    In 2014, the AAC will introduce our "Partnership for Preservation." The club is calling upon local businesses...
  • AAC Reintroduces Winged Bull Soccer
    Winged Bull Soccer has returned to the AAC! We are proud to announce that Winged Bull FC...
  • AAC Invites New Members
    Headed in a new direction, the AAC encourages all those interested in taking on a larger role...