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Become a Partner

Become a part of the AAC team and join us as a partner. Our organization relies on the support of local businesses and community members to assist us in sustaining our programs. Much of our success is credited to individuals and companies who have graciously lent their names and financial support to our club every year. In partnering with us, you are guaranteed many benefits. You will increase your company’s visibility and maximize your company’s impact. Donations are tax-deductible. Every partnership is valued and is essential to the continued success of the AAC. Partnering with AAC will have lasting rewards. Our partners can expect:  



Advertisements for your business will be featured at all sporting and social events. You will have an individual page on all AAC websites. Your business name and logo will be featured in all online photo galleries, as well as our quarterly e-newsletter.


Honorary Membership

As a partner, you will be granted an honorary AAC membership. You will be invited to attend all board and general body meetings to propose ideas, share thoughts, and weigh in on club issues.

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Social Rewards

You will receive complementary tickets to all social events hosted by AAC. This includes all holiday parties, club dinners, and sports banquets. Also, where applicable, the AAC may host any one of our events at your location.



Make an impact on the community. Your support will make a difference in the lives of countless others. Partnering with AAC will give you the opportunity to help empower the Assyrian community and ensure its survival.

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2018 Partners

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